The IEEE EMBS Benelux Chapter is pleased to organize its annual symposium jointly with the National Committee of Biomedical Engineering, Belgium, on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

The healthcare sector is increasingly adopting artificial intelligence to improve patient care and process efficiency. Clearly, the use of AI in medicine is quickly expanding: partly due to the successes of emerging deep learning technologies and partly due to a desire by care providers to embrace these new technologies into their services. Today, AI in healthcare already shapes many of the core areas in medicine: from diagnostics to smart health monitoring, from bulky in-hospital equipment to unobtrusive and smart wearable devices. In many ways, AI technology becomes indispensable for the healthcare provider, mainly because AI software can learn to target human health needs on its own.

The first day of this symposium, November 28 2019, is organized and sponsored by the IEEE EMBS Benelux Chapter and takes place in the vicinity of the Arenberg castle, Leuven, Belgium. This symposium entirely devoted to the topic of AI in Healthcare covers 2 parts:

The second day, November 29 2019, the symposium is organized by the National Committee of Biomedical Engineering, and takes place in the Royal Academies for Science and the Arts in Belgium, Brussels. For more details on the programme and registration, see http://www.ncbme.ugent.be/.

Venue: Auditorium Arenberg castle, Kasteelpark Arenberg 1 , 3001 Leuven, Belgium