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(Database for the Identification of Systems)


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What is System Identification?

System Identification is the discipline of making mathematical models of systems, starting from experimental data, measurements, observations. Typically, a certain model structure is chosen by the user which contains unknown parameters (i.e. one puts forward a certain parameterisation). Having the model of a system is often very important for analysis, simulation, prediction, monitoring, diagnosis, control system design,...

For more information about System Identification, you can take a look at our System Identification page.


The goal of this database is to serve as a platform for the interchange of information and data in the field of System Identification. There are several objectives for this:

How is this database organised?

The datasets reside on STADIUS's FTP-site, and can be consulted through this page.

The following data categories are available:

If you feel another category should be added, send your suggestion with some motivation to DaISy.

How does it work?

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