The Webservice

Welcome to the website of the ARC 3D webservice. We have developed a group of tools, allowing users to upload digital images to our servers where we perform a 3D reconstruction of the scene and report the output back to the user. We also provide a tool for producing and visualising the 3D scene using the data computed on our servers.

Uploading Images

The first simple application is the upload tool. All that is required is that a sequence of images is uploaded to the server. The order of the images can be set by the user, and the images can be subsampled before uploading for a faster service. Make sure the images are taken with necessary care as the reconstruction process assumes that the scene or object is covered well by the images and sufficient overlap exist between images.

While You are Waiting

The 3D reconstruction is based on principle of auto-calibration, feature detection and correspondence, dense multi-stereo reconstruction and pointcloud generation. At ARC, we have developed software to compute the reconstruction over a distributed network (cloud) of computers. This makes our procedure much faster and more robust. Depending on the size, number and quality of the images that have been uploaded, a typical job may take from 15 minutes to 2 or 3 hours.

Building a Model

Once the reconstruction has been successful, the system notifies the user by email. They can then use this data to produce a 3D model with the model viewer tool.