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ERC project PROMINENT: september 2019- august 2024

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Personal Homepage: RONY KEPPENS

Since 1-1-2006, I (re)joined the Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics at the Mathematics Department of the KU Leuven as `hoogleraar' and later `gewoon hoogleraar' (Full professor). I was, during 15 years, affiliated with the FOM Institute Rijnhuizen (currently named DIFFER), where I started as postdoc in 1996, to eventually become Scientific Project Leader of the Numerical Plasma Dynamics activity from 1-1-2001 till end 2005. From July 1st 2005 till June 30 2010, I was affiliated with the Astronomical Institute of Utrecht University (which was after 370 years of history closed end 2011), as `bijzonder hoogleraar in de Theoretische Plasmafysica'. Till 2006-2007, I was teaching a course `Magnetohydrodynamics of Astrophysical Plasmas' in the Master programme of astrophysics at Utrecht, continuing this theoretically oriented course in the tradition of Prof. Emeritus Hans Goedbloed. I have held an Astronome position at Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, was Concurrent Professor at Nanjing University, PR China (2013-2016), and visiting researcher at Yunnan University, Kunming, PR China (Oct-Nov 2018). During my sabbatical year (Sept 2018-Aug 2019) I enjoyed the hospitality of Nanjing University (School of Astronomy and Space Science) and Purple Mountain Observatory (Nanjing, PR China).

Currently at KU Leuven, I teach in the bachelor and master program for mathematics and physics & astronomy at KU Leuven. I offer a Master course `Computational Methods for Astrophysical Applications', to either Applied Mathematics Master students or Master in Astronomy or Master of Science in Mathematical Engineering students. My research centers on both computational and analytical magnetofluid-dynamics, with an eye towards astrophysically relevant applications (stellar winds, astrophysical jets, accretion disk dynamics, solar prominences).

Research Keywords: MHD spectroscopy, (parallel) CMFD simulations, Solar atmosphere and corona, Prominence physics, computational MHD, transonic MHD, relativistic (M)HD computations, Numerical algorithms, Adaptive Mesh Refinement

LOOKING FOR MPI-AMRVAC? See the homepage of MPI-AMRVAC 2.0, thanks to J. Teunissen and C. Xia

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Contact info and Collaborators

  • Prof.Dr. R. Keppens, Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics, Department of Mathematics, KU Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200B, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium. Room 04.35. Tel.: (+32) [0]16-327001 Fax.: (+32) [0]16-327998 Picture
  • Emeritus Prof. Dr. J.P. Goedbloed. Personal Homepage
  • Postdoc (FWO-NSFC project): Dr. Yuhao Zhou
  • Postdoc (FWO-NSFC project): Dr. Xiaozhou Zhao
  • Postdoc (IAP CHARM; FWO Pegasus): Dr. Ileyk El Mellah
  • Postdoc (FWO postdoc): Dr. Fabio Bacchini
  • PhD Student (KUL, GOA project; CSC funding): Drs. Wenzhi Ruan
  • PhD Student (KUL, FLOF, ERC Prominent): Drs. Niels Claes
  • PhD Student (FWO mandate, also at ROB): Drs. Alexandros Koukras
  • PhD Student (ERC Prominent): Drs. Jordi De Jonghe
  • PhD Student (ERC Prominent): Drs. Joris Hermans
  • PhD Student (ERC Prominent): Drs. Veronika Jercic
  • predoc-PhD Student (KUL, C1 project): Drs. Madhurjya Changmai
  • visiting scholar-PhD Student (KUL, GOA project): Drs. Zhuo Cao
  • Past:
  • Dr. Jannis Tuenissen (KUL GOA; FWO postdoc), now tenured at CWI, Amsterdam
  • Dr. Dimitrios Millas (obtained PhD on KUL, GOA, IAP charm and FWO project)
  • Dr. Bart Ripperda personal website (obtained PhD on KUL, FWO project, FLOF funding) Currently Humboldt postdoctoral Fellow, Frankfurt University, from October 2019 CCA/Princeton fellow
  • Dr. Chun Xia (Postdoc KUL, F+; FWO Pegasus; IAP CHARM; FWO postdoc) Tenured at Yunnan University
  • Dr. Kirit Makwana (Postdoc IAP CHARM) postdoc at DESY afterwards to IIT Hyderabad
  • Dr. Matthieu Leroy (Postdoc KUL, GOA)
  • Dr. Yuhao Zhou (PhD Student CAS at NJU)
  • Dr. Zhixing Mei (BELSPO non-EU; IAP CHARM)
  • Dr. Xiaozhou Zhao (PhD Student PMO-CAS, Dual PhD with KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Sofia Moschou (obtained PhD degree between KU Leuven-BISA, IAP CHARM; FWO mandate), postdoc at Harvard-Smithsonian
  • Dr. Ludmila Carone (KUL, IDO postdoc, to Heidelberg MPI)
  • Dr. Xia Fang (obtained PHD degree at KU Leuven, to Barclays bank)
  • Dr. Yang Guo Researchgate entry (received BELSPO non-EU grant linked to IAP CHARM, from Nanjing University)
  • Dr. Allard Jan van Marle Researchgate entry (Associate Research Professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, now at Montpellier, France)
  • Dr. Tom Hendrix (Tractebel, obtained PhD degree at KU Leuven)
  • Dr. R. Monceau-Baroux (obtained PhD degree at KU Leuven, afterwards Observatoire de Meudon, Paris)
  • Dr. Oliver Porth (KUL, F+; Leeds) Researchgate entry Tenure track at UvA
  • Dr. Alkis Vlasis (obtained PhD degree at KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Z. Meliani (currently at Observatoire de Meudon, Paris) Researchgate entry
  • Dr. Peter Delmont (obtained PhD degree at KU Leuven, FLOF mandate)
  • Dr. Nicolas Bessolaz (obtained PhD degree in cotutelle between Grenoble University and TU/e, Eindhoven)
  • Dr. Bart van der Holst, University of Michigan Personal Homepage
  • Dr. J.W.S. Blokland (obtained PhD degree in FOM programme 74 on Manipulation of mesoscale structures in hot, magnetized plasmas)
  • Drs. M. Cinalli (former PhD Student in FOM programme 75 on PSI-lab an integrated laboratory on Plasma-Surface Interaction)
  • Dr. C. Wang (obtained PhD degree in FOM programme 55 on Laser Wakefield Acceleration), currently at Hefei University of Technology, PR China
  • Dr. G. Petrie (High Altitude Observatory, Boulder Colorado, USA)
  • M.Sc. (in Astrophysics) K.M. Schure (Afstudeerstage Universiteit Utrecht, Astronomical Institute)
  • Dr. E. van der Swaluw (Postdoctoral Researcher FOM projectruimte 02PR2125-2 `Magnetoseismology of accretion disks')
  • Dr. F. Casse Personal Homepage (Postdoctoral Researcher EU network PLATON)
  • Dr. Y.A. Zaliznyak (Postdoctoral Researcher NWO-E Computational Science program on `Rapid Changes in Complex Flows')
  • Drs. R. Archibald (Pre-doc junior researcher, EU network PLATON) Senior Physics Programmer at Rockstar North, Edinburgh
  • Drs. V. Land (Afstudeeronderzoek, Sterrekundig Instituut Utrecht)
  • Dr. M.A. Botchev Personal Homepage Senior Researcher at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics