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Godot's slides on eID cards in general and the Belgian card in particular

This presentation gives an overview of the

  • Project milestones in the Belgian eID card project (the European Directive 1999/93/EC, approval of basic concepts, contract assignments, first eID cards issued during and after the pilot phase, etc.)
  • eID card issuing process
  • easy to understand examples to explain what happens when creating/verifying digital signatures
  • answers to several misconceptions about using digital signatures, eID cards, their validity,...
  • good practices to sign and verify documents to guarantee eternal validity of the signatures, even after the corresponding certificate expired or has been revoked
  • eID card content (key pairs, certificates, identity data, etc.)
  • eID card chip details (processor, operating system, etc.)
  • certificate hierarchy and details on the individual certificates (citizen, CA, government, etc.)
  • certificate revocation lists
  • typical use scenarios to generate signatures, verify signatures, key pair properties, certificate (chain) validation procedures, etc.
    Note the difference between the decryption and signing scenarios!
  • issues with respect to long-term validity of digital signatures relying on certificates which may have been revoked at some moment
  • European Directive 1999/93/EC itself (intention, definition, requirements, recommendations)
  • And much more smile

Godot's poster on eID cards in general and the Belgian card in particular

Poster with the main features of the Belgian eID card system -- Presented at the IBBT brokerage event, 14 September 2005

Do you have any suggestions to improve the content of my slides? smile


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