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Main eID entry points...

eID Portal

http://eid.belgium.be, the main portal providing lots of information on the eID card

eID quick install for Windows

eID quick install for windows guides you through the installation of the eID card middleware with a few mouse clicks... No complicated installation details whatsoever!


allows you to verify whether a Belgian Identity Document is know to the authorities as being stolen, lost, expired, invalid or never issued.

This service is free of charge, but requires userid/password authentication of the requester

Additional entry points...


You can also call the Doc Stop service at 00800 2123 2123 (free international check doc number), or at +32 2 518 2123.

eID card stop

In case your eID card gets lost or stolen, you might consider calling the eID card stop service

+32(2)518.21.17 for Dutch, and +32(2)518.21.16 for French


Ginette in Dutch, or in French

Internet for all

Internet for All and Everyone

Internet Society Belgium vzw
Internet Society (ISOC) promotes a stable and safe internet accessible for everyone. It stimulates the distribution, the usage and the application of standards of the internet in an international context. Beside, ISOC opens a broad forum for discussion and an equal representation for all concerned people, by organising the ISDF (the Internet Societal Discussion Forum).


http://www.fedict.be is the Belgian federal service responsible for information- and communication technology

  • a direct link to the eID card related data available from the Fedict website
  • a direct link to the source code for the eID card software (pkcs#11, data middleware and identity middleware) in French, or in Dutch. The human language used in the corresponding binaries is English

National Register (RRN)

http://www.rijksregister.fgov.be, the department of the ministry of internal affairs in Belgium, responsible for the National Register which stores information on all Belgian citizens and residents

Certificate Status Portal

http://status.eid.belgium.be, a portal site which provides web forms to request information from

Card readers

Current CRLs and Delta-CRLs

http://crl.eid.belgium.be provides all the most recently issued certificate revocation lists and delta CRLs

Certipost Portal

http://repository.eid.belgium.be, a portal site which provides links to

Reference certificates

http://certs.eid.belgium.be, provides the reference certificates used in the Belgian eID card certificate hierarchy, e.g., Belgian Root CA certificate, Government CA certificate,...

Microsoft's Belgian eID card web site

Microsoft is preparing an eID Awareness and Training campaign towards Microsoft Partners, ISV's and System Integrators. You can find more information about this program and the related events at http://www.microsoft.com/belux/nl/eid

PDF signing tool

  • The Aloaha PDF Suite allows user to create, edit and digitally sign PDF Documents. A related tool, the Aloaha PDF Crypter encrypts PDF documents with the public keys of the recipients. It is also able to encrypt non PDF documents. Non PDF encryption is a freeware feature of the Aloaha PDF Crypter.

Other sites with useful information on the Belgian eID card

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  • Hi,

Maybe it will be a good idea to include the open source program I designed to enable smart card logon with the eid on Windows (>=Vista) : http://www.mysmartlogon.com/products/eidauthenticate.html Note : smart card logon is available only with windows server and the eid can work only since Windows 2008 R2 functional domain level.

FYI I'm designing a process for collecting certificates for AD login, but it's not in production yet.

Regards, Vincent -- AnonYmous - 21 Feb 2011, 13:09:08


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