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The Bioinformatics Research Group, headed by Prof. Bart De Moor, Prof. Yves Moreau (Dept. of Electrical Engineering (ESAT, STADIUS) and Prof. Jan Aerts (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, ESAT), focuses on the development of computational methods to tackle two important scientific challenges in Systems Biology:

   System Biomedicine, which is the application of Systems Biology to the understanding and modulation of developmental and degenerative processes. The research group develops probabilistic and statistical methods for the analysis, integration, and mining of high-throughput and clinical data. The goal is to contribute to the identification of key genes and proteins for the diagnosis, prognosis, or targeting of disease.

   Top down Systems Biology, which is the reconstruction of networks from high throughput molecular data. Although the developed methodologies are generic, the focus is their application for the study of network organization and evolution in prokaryotes. In collaboration with the Centre for Microbial and Plant Sciences (CMPG), a Microbial Systems Biology approach for the pathogenic bacterium Salmonella typhimurium is under development.

We cooperate intensively with experimentalists through the SymBioSys Center for Computational Systems Biology ( and the Prometa Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility (; hereby getting access to state-of-the-art facilities and original biological data.

Contact persons:

Prof. Bart De Moor, Prof. Yves Moreau and Prof. Jan Aerts STADIUS

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