I have been granted teaching responsabilities by the Physics department of Paris 7 starting in my first year of thesis in 2013. Since then, I have monitored tutorials and lab assignments to the amount of 4 hours a week during the first semesters of each year. Paying a lot of attention to the clarity of my explanations, whatever the level, enables me to regularly reorganize my knowledge and keep updated the training I received in 2010-2011, when I passed the Agrégation at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan. I also provided private lessons to university and preparatory classes students during my Master 2 year at the Observatory of Paris in 2012-2013.

Teaching duties

Classical mechanics - 1st year

I currently teach in a course lectured by Cécile Roucelle (APC) and Cécile De Hosson (LDAR) on point mechanics for freshmen. The problem sets emphasize the mathematical skills to acquire (differential, integral and vector calculus mostly) to fruitfully assimilate the following courses later in the year (electro and magnetostatics, thermodynamics,...). I also wrote mid-term exams to evaluate the students.

PACES Faculty of medicine - 1st year

Led by Isabelle Grenier (AIM), the Physics lessons for medical studies covers a wide range of topics. From fluid mechanics to matter-light interactions, the students are driven into quickly adapt themselves to practical situations they might be confronted to later on.

Deterministic systems and signals - 4th year

With Laurent Daudet's team, I supervised lab sessions where the students were asked to practice on data processing mathematical tools (discrete Fourier transforms, convolutions...) with a Matlab interface.