Dr. Hammad Ahmad

Dr. Hammad Ahmad received his BSc honours (2000) in Mechanical engineering from University of  Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. He got MSc in Mechatronics (2004) from Technical University Hamburg Harburg  (TUHH ) Germany. He graduated with Ph.D. (2009) in mechanical enginnering from University of Limerick Ireland. He has worked on deep sea remotely operated underwater vehicle at mobile robotics research center, University of Limerick, Ireland before joining the ERC Highwind project. His main research topic concerns the instrumentation, estimation, control and hardware-in-the-loop-testing of an experimental set-up for the launch/recovery of an Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) system. The power electronics, navigation sensors, actuators and data acquisition and processing system are selected and integrated to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft and also to keep the aircraft’s static and dynamics stability. Design and development of tether management system (TMS) for AWE setup. A reliable tethered based communication over power for AWE system is important for estimation and control of the airborne system. In TMS realization some of the issues need to be resolved, for example, improving the cable strength to weight ratio, reducing cable drag, improving tensile fatigue and torsional stiffness, reducing friction, communication distance, cable routing etc. The decisions on cable material and weaving strategies are based on these abovementioned issues.

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