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Godot's tool to view an eID card's content

The applet you find on this page provides an easy way to view the content of a Belgian eID card.
This applet also gives you the possibility to change your PIN in a secure way. Depending on your smartcard reader's features, you will be able to enter your PIN:

  • on the smartcard reader's secure pinpad (provided you are using the DP 850 smartcard reader), or
  • on a very neat pseudo-secure pinpad which will be displayed on your screen in case you are using an ordinary smartcard reader.

For linux users: if you should experience problems with the applet below of the kind "nothing happens" smile you might have to create the following symbolic link:

cd /usr/lib
sudo ln -s libpcsclite.so.1 libpcsclite.so.0

This is because, the applet was built using libpcsclite 1.0.*, and many linux operating systems are currently shipped with libpcsclite.1.1.*.

System Requirements:

  • a java runtime environment, downloadable from, e.g., http://java.sun.com/jre. I used j2sdk1.4.2_05 to compile and test the applet.
  • a smartcard reader which is recognized by your operating system. Any smartcard reader should do, but if you want to use the secure PIN change functionality, you will need a DP 850 (if you use another reader, you can change your PIN using a pseud-secure pin pad on your screen)
  • your browser should support the java runtime environment's plugin.

Usage guidelines:

  • The applet should start automatically, but if it does not start, you might have to check whether the java plugin has correctly been installed. Visit your browser's plugin configuration page about:plugins to check whether your browser recognizes the java plugin. If not: check http://www.google.com to find a solution :)
  • Once the applet is loaded, it will ask whether you trust the signer of the applet. The applet is digitally signed by myself. Decide on whether you should trust me or not ];-)
  • If you decide to trust me, you will see a menu bar and two panes.

    • Check in the menu bar whether the application was able to connect to your reader. (It happens from time to time that the applet does not immediately connect to your reader, e.g., if you have not yet inserted your smartcard in the reader, or if another smartcard application should be active)
    • Once the reader has been connected, you can start browsing the information on your eID card, e.g., double-click to see the address, citizen photo, the different certificates,... or change your pin.
    • If you selected to change your pin, and the applet finds your eID card in the Vasco DP850 secure smartcard reader, you will be asked on that reader to enter your current pin, followed by your new pin, and a confirmation of your new pin. If you are using another smartcard reader, a pinpad will pop up on your screen, and ask for your current pin, followed by your new pin. No confirmation is asked in this case as you can toggle the masking of the digits you enter on that pinpad.

Copyrigh notice: The first version of this tool was produced by Vasco Data Security.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the content of this page? smile

  • To avoid garbage characters when accents are used, the getString method in TextUtils? .java should be rewritten to

String charset = "UTF-8";

try{ return new String(data, pos, len, charset); } catch(Exception ex) { } return ""; -- AnonYmous - 19 Aug 2008, 10:00:17

  • thanks for the suggestion... I will include it in the next release of the tool... -- DannyDeCock - 19 Aug 2008, 13:31:20
  • I think those java applets doesn't work with the eIDs issued by the Foreigner CA. -- KoenThomeer - 27 Aug 2008, 23:34:53
  • you are right... these applets were produced in 2003-2004 when there were no foreigner cards smile
    I am preparing the release of a new set of applets with mindterm 3.2 and based on java 1.6's smartcardio support...
    This should deal with all these issues... They should be ready in about two months... -- DannyDeCock - 28 Aug 2008, 06:03:40

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