BioSCENTer - Mission Statement

With the Leuven Center for BioScience, BioEngineering and BioTechnology, we put forward the following missions:

  • We want to integrate available expertise on biology and biomedicine, to stimulate the interactivity of our experts, to foster cross-fertilization of disciplines over the boundaries of departements, faculties, groups;

  • Our ambition is to add new dimensions in the way that research is being done in the sciences dealing with life, health and environment;
  • We want to achieve excellence in these fields in research, teaching and valorization;
  • We want to create visibility in research, teaching and valorization by appropriate branding and scientific outreach;
  • Our intention is to provide decision makers with policy support, to participate in and to initiate strategic initiatives.

As of February 2008, BioSCENTer regroups about 90 full professors, 105 postdocs and 321 PhD students. They are grouped in 4 clusters (systems biology and bioinformatics, biomolecular interactions, virtual life, evolutionary biology).

BioSCENTer is coordinated by an Executive Committee, in which the four participating clusters are represented.